May 28, 2010

I posted this in the IB Student group at Facebook..then, one of the member (an IB student from UAE), answered. Quite impressive, and I should think about it;

Mamat Syafiq Anwar

Mamat Syafiq Anwar This is ToK;
When u attack Black people, they call it racism. When u attack Jewish people, they call it anti-semetism.When u attack a women, they call it sexism.When u attack homosexuality,they call it intolerance. When u attack a Country, they call it treason.When u attack a religious sect, they call it hate. But when… they attack …Prophet Mohammed,they call it freedom of speech?

so, how do we evaluate these; reason, emotion, sense of perception or just language??

What he answered was;


All 4.

Prophet Muhammed shouldnt be exempted from any attack or criticism just because he is a prophet. People attack Jesus all day and we christians dont give a damn.

And yes. It is freedom of speech. Let them attack what they want, and if you really believe in god, then you should know that he can deal with them.