May 28, 2010

I posted this in the IB Student group at Facebook..then, one of the member (an IB student from UAE), answered. Quite impressive, and I should think about it;

Mamat Syafiq Anwar

Mamat Syafiq Anwar This is ToK;
When u attack Black people, they call it racism. When u attack Jewish people, they call it anti-semetism.When u attack a women, they call it sexism.When u attack homosexuality,they call it intolerance. When u attack a Country, they call it treason.When u attack a religious sect, they call it hate. But when… they attack …Prophet Mohammed,they call it freedom of speech?

so, how do we evaluate these; reason, emotion, sense of perception or just language??

What he answered was;


All 4.

Prophet Muhammed shouldnt be exempted from any attack or criticism just because he is a prophet. People attack Jesus all day and we christians dont give a damn.

And yes. It is freedom of speech. Let them attack what they want, and if you really believe in god, then you should know that he can deal with them.


5 Responses to “Q&A”

  1. David Yacob Says:

    Mind if you just phase out my profile pic? It makes it easier for people to find me, and i have privacy issues.

    To add to my answer:

    Language doesn’t really come into the mix until you decide to play with words from the Quran, or the Bible. This is where people begin interpreting ‘violence’ in both these books.

    • mamatsyafiqanwar Says:

      heheh..OK, sorry for that. I’ve editted it.

      Yeah, it’s true. sometimes, the interpreter twisted the meanings so that other people will understand as what they want. And same thing goes to History. Only those who are in power will decide which is true. It is also possible if the power changed, the whole history will be changed.
      We need to accept differences.

      Then, what is your opinion about the Jews..

      p/s: ‘Thak you that I’m not like those smug Pharisees’….lol

  2. David Yacob Says:

    Well, Jews, i’d like you to pose a specific topic, because i sense that you want me to refer specifically to Israel and its actions, rather than the religion itself.

  3. Danial Says:

    Hi David, Mamat Syafiq Anwar is a friend of mine. We went to the same college. May I join this discussion?

    Mamat, is it okay if I join?

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